Frizzy Hair? Don’t worry Himuggu SkinCare Helps You

Frizzy Hair? Don’t Care!

Does your hair often frizz up? Are you worried about the monsoon because that means your hair will begin to resemble Mufasa’s? If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that frizz can find its way to all hair types. Don’t worry Muggu Skincare helps you in this. We have a few tips to help you tame your mane! This blog covers a full rundown on how to deal with Frizzy Hair and get sleek, smooth, and frizz-free hair - all the way through.

1. Do not overwash your hair.

Do it 3-4 times a week if you are a gym person. Otherwise, 1-2 times is good. Even if you don’t use shampoo, rinse your hair under running water and massage your scalp with your fingertips. Self-care treatment!

2. Use the right shampoo.

Go for sulfate-free shampoos, always! ALWAYS!! You can try the Muggu Damage Repair Shampoo with Hydrolized Keratin specially formulated to combat frizz by penetrating and nourishing the hair. Keratin is an excellent humectant that creates a protective coating around your hair shaft, locking in moisture and making your hair frizz-free.

Muggu Tip: After shampooing, follow up with a nourishing hair mask. Shop Muggu Intense Hair Repair Mask today!

3. Ditch your regular towel!

Use a microfiber towel instead! When wet, your hair is in the most vulnerable state, and using the wrong towel may break your hair. A cotton towel causes friction and breakage, so we recommend switching to a plush microfiber. It is designed to be gentle on your strands and reduces Frizzy Hair and damage.

4. Invest in silk or satin pillowcases.

A silk or satin pillowcase combats frizz and split ends. A cotton pillowcase creates friction while you turn and toss at night, leaving you with frizz and tangles. However, silk or satin are gentler fabrics that help maintain your hair’s natural oils, reducing friction it’s exposed to overnight.

5. Be careful using heat!

It’s a no-brainer! Using heat styling products damages our hair and causes Frizzy Hair. Though we understand that sometimes, natural drying is not a choice, you must do it with caution. Ensure that you always use a heat protection serum before styling your hair using heat. Not only will it nourish your hair, but it will also leave your locks shiny.

6. Use a wide-toothed comb.

Using the wrong comb may rough up cuticles and lead to frizz. So, if you have Frizzy Hair, we recommend using a wide-toothed comb to prevent breakage. It has more space for hair to pass through the teeth, which helps in easy detangling and less frizz.

Muggu Tip: Wash your brush/comb with a mild shampoo at least twice a month. Oil and product residue on your brush/comb may get into your hair and cause frizz.

7. Get your hands on a Redensyl hair serum!

Words can’t do justice to the benefits of this serum. Not only does it reduce frizz, but it also helps with hair growth. So de-frizz your hair with our hair serum - it will work wonders for you!

8. Hands off the hair!

Yes, believe it or not, your hands make your hair frizzy! We know the urge to run your fingers through your hair may be irresistible, but you should avoid doing it often. Why? Because the more you touch, the more friction, and hence, more frizz!

Finally, look like a magnificent dream all day by taking care of your hair. Follow these tips and change up your mane game for good! No puffing up, no frizz, only smooth, healthy, and silky hair! Hope you enjoy & like our this blog get know more.

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