4 Major Mistakes You’re Making With Wet Hair That Are Damaging Your Tresses

4 Major Mistakes You’re Making With Wet Hair That Are Damaging Your Tresses

NOT BRUSHING THE DAMP HAIR is the prime hair care rule. Now that winter is here, it's expected that your hair may take longer to dry. So here's some advice on how to deal with wet hair. Though the ideal time to brush your hair is when they are almost or fully dry, you can use a wide-tooth comb on damp hair to detangle the tresses if they get knotted after washing. Ensure that you do it slowly to avoid breakage. Below are 4 mistakes to avoid if you want to maintain a healthy, shiny mane.

1. Brushing your hair with a regular hair brush

Avoid combing wet hair as much as possible because it is more brittle and prone to breakage (creating flyaways), split ends, and damage. And worse, you can rip the hair out of its roots by doing this. The best time to brush your hair is when it is nearly or completely dry. However, if your hair is tangled after being washed or after swimming, you can use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair to get it back in order. To prevent stinging your scalp, ensure the comb has smooth tooth tips. Additionally, make sure to comb through your hair slowly.

2. Applying hair spray on wet hair

While many products, including oil treatments, can be applied to damp hair, several shouldn't be. First, never use hair spray on wet hair. Even though the urge to spray it is strong, resist doing so, especially if you are air drying and have other things to do. Otherwise, you might end up with a flaky scalp and frizzy locks, which are not so pleasing to the eye! Therefore, ensure your hair is completely dry before using hairspray for the best results.

3. Pulling wet hair back into a ponytail or bun

After washing or swimming, pulling damp hair up in a ponytail can be tempting, but it is strongly discouraged. Tying your hair back can grow up to a third of its original length, which causes tension breakage. So, before tying it up, make sure it is entirely dry. You should think the next time about wearing your hair in a bun again. Anyone with thin, delicate hair must not do it. Similarly, don't let your hair get damp before bed because it will stretch, break, and tangle.

4. Using a straightener on wet hair

The only heated hair appliance that should be used on wet hair is a hair dryer. Wet hair should never be straightened. It's amazing how quickly some people use straighteners and curlers on semi-dried hair. You must have completely dry hair to avoid sizzling and damaging the cuticles of your hair. Even if your hair is completely straight and does not kink, you are still likely to develop knots, which could damage your hair.


Well, that straightens things out, right? Keep these tips in mind next time you wash your hair. It’s time you enjoy Rapunzel-like hair! Happy hair, happy you!!🥰

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