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4 Reasons Why You Need A Lip Scrub

If a body scrub is part of your skincare routine, then there’s no doubt that you’ve also heard of a lip scrub. But, unfortunately, lip scrubs are often overlooked as a part of many skincare regimens. This is a curious situation since the lips are particularly sensitive and a focal point of the face. That’s why in this blog, we’ll share why you need an all-natural lip scrub.

What is a lip scrub?

A lip scrub is not unlike a body scrub in terms of texture. It has a semi-liquid structure that contains particles responsible for sloughing off dry and flaky pieces of skin on the lips. In a nutshell, these products are a type of mechanical exfoliation that physically removes dead skin cells. With exfoliated lips, it’s much easier for the moisturizing and protecting properties of lip balms to be absorbed. Moreover, it’s a recommended pre-lipstick application so you can achieve a more even color application.

Now, let’s discuss the top benefits of using a lip scrub below. 

Prevent Chapped Lips

Lips easily lose moisture and are naturally sensitive. That’s why one of the best reasons why people use lip scrubs is that it hydrates the lips and prevents them from being chapped. It has hydrating properties from its many natural ingredients, such as oils. For instance, if you check the ingredients of a few lip scrubs, such as HiMuggu All Natural Lip Scrub, you’ll find that it has almond and jojoba oil, perfect for lip hydration.

Softer Lips

As previously mentioned above, lip scrubs remove dead skin from your lips. This then leaves your skin with a softer surface. Moreover, they also contain moisturizing oils that will prevent your lips from going dry, despite the changing weather.

Plump Lips

Since a lip scrub acts as a gentle exfoliator, this means that it also offers the benefits of exfoliation, which includes boosting circulation in the lips. With improved blood circulation, your lips become fuller and plump.

Smooth Lips

The final benefit of using a lip scrub is that it smoothens the lips. It’s important to remember that lips do not have their own oil glands. That’s why the oil ingredients included in a lip scrub are beneficial to help you achieve smoother lips. In addition, exfoliation also helps reduce fine lines on the lips for a smoother surface.

With the benefits of using a lip scrub covered, we hope that you are more motivated to include one in your skincare routine. But, how exactly do you choose the right lip scrub for you? Our recommendation is to always go for all-natural lip scrubs. Remember, the most important ingredient in lip scrubs is natural oil. So, look for a product with said oils such as jojoba oil, almond oil, and/or shea butter. Of course, since your lips are sensitive, always make sure to buy gentle lip scrubs. Follow the correct steps for application and make sure to follow up with a lip balm for the best results.

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