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Can Face Oil Replace Moisturizer?

Moisturizers and Face Oils both are excellent at keeping our skin hydrated and healthy. But which is better? We bet you often think about it, don’t you? Well, us too! Once we did a bit of digging, we realized that there are two different worlds. One that patronizes oils over good old moisturizers and the other that thinks moisturizers all the way! Wondering who’s right? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you!

Can you skip using moisturizer if you regularly use face oil?

No wonder face oils are good for your skin. But can they replace moisturizers? Remember when we were taught that oil and water do not mix in sixth grade? Similarly, face oils may prevent soaking up moisture from even the best moisturizer for face. Therefore, you must use face oils in moderation. They boost hydration, keep your skin hydrated, and protect your skin’s natural barrier.

What is your skin’s natural barrier?

Your skin’s natural barrier combats harmful environs and offers protection against pollution, dust, and bacteria. However, if you neglect skincare, this protective barrier may break, leaving your skin unprotected and prone to trouble.

Your skin naturally produces oil (sebum) to lock in moisture. However, an imbalance in sebum may cause oily skin leading to breakouts. Therefore, balancing different factors - water, cholesterols, free fatty acids, ceramides- is necessary for healthy-looking skin. Moisturizers and Face Oils these two things that balance skin cells. A balanced diet and lifestyle may help keep these factors in check. But sometimes, your skin may require a bit of extra help. HiMuggu Milky Moisturizer helps mimic your skin’s natural barrier, keeping it healthy and hydrated.

Which is better?

The answer is BOTH! Why? Because they work differently on your skin! The best face moisturizer adds bounce to your skin while keeping it hydrated. Hence, it should be a non-negotiable part of your skincare regime, no matter your skin type. HiMuggu Milky Moisturizer contains natural ingredients that restore radiance and evens skin tone, making it supple and smooth. In addition, it is paraben-free & sulfate-free, making it the safest and the best face moisturizer for sensitive skin.

On the other hand, oils help lock in the moisture, the moisturizer adds. You can consider face oil as an extra layer of hydration. If you have dehydrated skin, facial oils are the way to go! Though optional, you will see a different glow on your skin.

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