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Can You Mix Sunscreen with Foundation?

Sunscreen is a skin-saving staple that protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. You must have heard about the necessity of wearing sunscreen. Suppose you are obsessed with makeup, someone who doesn’t leave home without foundation on at the very least. Then you must have struggled to find a way to incorporate sunscreen into your daily beauty routine. In this blog we discuss and cover about Sunscreen with Foundation the most trendy question have a look.

Some people may choose to mix sunscreen and foundation to save time and effort, but is this the best idea?

Demystifying the truth behind mixing SPF and foundation

While sunscreen protects your skin from damaging sun rays, the foundation is meant to provide full coverage and even out your skin tone. If you mix the two products, you may not be getting the full benefits of either. Therefore, it is not recommended to mix Sunscreen with Foundation as they can cancel each other out.

Here’s what experts say!

According to Megan Curtin, Cover FX lead makeup artist, your sunscreen and foundation ingredients must be compatible. Otherwise, if used together, they might repel each other causing pilling. She also recommends blending the sunscreen into your skin before you even think about the foundation.

For sunscreen to work effectively, it must have an even layer on your skin’s surface. By mixing foundation into the sunscreen, you are changing the sunscreen properties. You must have also seen how foundation crumbles when applying it over the wrong product or how sunscreen rolls up. You might be mixing two emulsions that don’t necessarily play nice together. Or even worse, some ingredients may cancel out or inactivate each other, and you may end up with worse protection than you’d get with the sunscreen alone. So, now you understand why the compatibility of the ingredients in both products is essential.

On the other hand, Dr. David Lortscher, a certified dermatologist and CEO of Curology, says not to mix sunscreen with foundation. "Instead, sunscreen should be applied as a single layer to preserve the protective factors."

So, what’s the verdict?

Can you mix the sunscreen and foundation or not? In the end, it all comes down to what works best for your skin. If looking for maximum protection, it might be best to apply each product separately. However, if you want to use them both together, give your sunscreen a few minutes before applying a foundation layer.

Pro Tip: You can use an organic sun protection cream under your foundation to save your skin from harmful side effects. Also check more skin relate topic on our blog.

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