Enjoy HAPPY FEET this Monsoon With Himuggu SkinCare

Enjoy HAPPY FEET this Monsoon!

Finally, the season of rains, greenery, ecstasy, and high spirits has arrived. But unfortunately, we typically characterize the monsoon as a humid and wet climate which is also the breeding ground for fungal and bacterial infections. To worsen things, we tend to wear those dirty shoes throughout the day, only to return with dirty feet at home in the evening. Enjoy HAPPY FEET this Monsoon With Himuggu SkinCare's tips & products.

Often, foot care takes a back seat in our skincare regime as we give little consideration to the most strained and worked out parts of our body - the feet.

Your feet are the toilers of your body. So, are you giving them enough care, pampering, and love? If you're missing out on foot care, this blog you can find how Enjoy HAPPY FEET this Monsoon With Himuggu SkinCare. We have compiled a few fantastic foot care tips and highlighted the importance of foot care in your beauty regime.

Why is foot care necessary?

Poor foot health may limit your physical activity. In addition, it may make your feet more susceptible to infections that may cause complications. Thus, it is essential to have a daily foot care routine just like your daily skincare regime. Let’s now read through some tips to keep your feet clean & healthy during the monsoon. Enjoy HAPPY FEET this Monsoon With Himuggu SkinCare products like heel repair cream, crack heel repair cream, body care with herbal ingredients, Foot Heel repair cream, and many more.

4 tips for foot care in monsoon

Here are four practical ways for those lovely feet of yours!

1. Wear open footwear

Avoid wearing closed or tight-fitted footwear like boots or shoes as they hold water and make your feet go sodden. In addition, they take time to dry and may harbor infection-causing germs. So, we recommend wearing sandals or slippers so that you don’t have to worry about rain-drenched feet or the following problems.

2. Dry your feet properly

Pat dry your feet after washing them. Make sure you don’t neglect the spaces between your toes. The spaces between the toes often retain moisture which becomes the prime cause of fungal and bacterial infections. You may also sprinkle talcum powder between them to ensure they dry completely.

3. Soak your feet in hot water once a week

Soak your feet in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes and scrub with a pumice stone. It will help remove dead skin, leaving behind squeaky clean feet. However, do not over-scrub as it may cause injury, making your skin prone to germs and infections.

4. Moisturize all the way

Finally, moisturize your feet with an anti-fungal & nourishing foot cream. Use a cream that penetrates deep within your skin to intensify dry areas while repairing cracks and sore feet.

Wrap up

As much as we love the click-clack sound of rain drops, we can’t help but remember how it pesters our foot health. The season of romance, fun, and scenic beauty also comes with its share of cons. While most of us take care of our skin, we tend to neglect our feet. Enjoy HAPPY FEET this Monsoon With Himuggu SkinCare's.

Neglecting foot care may lead to problems such as cracks, calluses, fungal infections, and more. If you don’t want to risk your foot health, it’s time that you start giving your feet the attention they deserve! Hope you like our blog finding more related skin cares must follow us.

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