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How to Get Rid of a Flaky Scalp?

Have you been scratching your hair (literally) lately? It can vary from dandruff to flaky scalp or sebaceous cysts. You would need a brilliant hair solution ASAP if you nodded yes! Though it might be convenient to put it in the sultry weather, scratching your scalp can be embarrassing in public. Breathe if we're right! (wink!)

Fortunately, we know how to deal with a flaky & itchy scalp. These simple tips will save your mane. But before that, let's take a closer look at why our scalps get itchy & flaky in the first place?

What makes your scalp flaky?

An itchy scalp can be one of the most annoying things that make it difficult for us to concentrate on other tasks. The most prevalent causes include dead skin cells and excess sweating that clog pores, accelerating scalp build-up. Another common cause of flaking is dandruff, caused by shedding skin cells at the scalp, which is often paired with excess oil production.

Here are a few tips to cure a flaky scalp

Use a clarifying shampoo.

You can use a clarifying shampoo to cut through product build-up. In addition, it helps in soothing the irritation and itchiness caused by a flaky scalp. Washing your hair with a clarifying & damage repair shampoo will help minimize scalp oiliness, one of the biggest causes of flakiness and itchiness.

Try our  Damage Repair Hair Shampoo with Hydrolized Keratin to add that extra oomph to your tresses while thoroughly cleansing your scalp.

If your scalp gets greasy/oily often, try rinsing your hair without shampoo because shampoo overuse may also lead to flaky scalp and rough hair. However, you can condition the ends if required.

Rinse your hair with warm water (not hot!)

You should not wash your hair with hot water, however tempting it is to stand under the hot shower. Instead, wash your hair with warm water as it helps maintain a healthy scalp microbiome, which will further help prevent scalp irritation.

Keep your hair and scalp moisturized.

Your scalp is exposed to pollution, heat, drying air of the AC, and other stressors daily. Therefore, it needs antioxidants to neutralize the havoc free radicals wreak on it. In addition, it is essential to use a moisturizing hair mask to keep your mane healthy and feel less flecking on the scalp.

Avoid alcohol-based products on the scalp.

Alcohol-based products may cause dry scalp leading to itchiness and flakiness. In addition, certain hair sprays, hair gels, mousses, and other products that contain alcohol may dry out your scalp and hair, causing frizz and flaky scalp. Hence, you must stop using such products immediately.

Exfoliate your scalp regularly.

Regular exfoliation can work magic for your scalp. It regulates excess sebum production and prevents product build-up & dead skin cells from clogging pores. In addition, it removes any gunk that may be blocking your hair follicles. Adding a purifying scalp scrub to your hair care regimen is a brilliant step if you want to get rid of your itchy, flaky scalp. Try our Exfoliating Scalp Treatment. It is an excellent scalp scrub for dandruff and effective dry scalp treatment.


We use dozens of products to keep our skin healthy and flawless. But often, we forget that scalp care is skincare too! A balanced, flake-free scalp is essential for healthy hair. You have to put all the effort into washing, conditioning, and masking your tresses. Plus, an extra step of scrubbing the scalp to eliminate any build-up from dirt & pollution. You might facepalm right now, but wait till you notice and enjoy its benefits! For more information, contact us today.

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