Ingredient Spotlight: Fulvic Acid Benefits

Ingredient Spotlight: Fulvic Acid Benefits

Call us crazy, but we believe that the 7000-year-old peat from the Estonian forest holds the key to having bright, youthful skin. Peat is a naturally occurring resource that is extraordinarily rich in complex humic compounds, high in minerals and has one of the world's highest concentrations of antioxidants. It contains Fulvic Acid, an active component that has been the focus of many scientific investigations.

Due to its exceptional and versatile repertoire, fulvic acid is a star ingredient to look for in skincare products. However, before you get too excited thinking this may be another exfoliating acid, you should know it is neither an AHA nor a BHA. In fact, it's not even an acid.

However, it is skin-friendly, so if you consider incorporating skincare products with this ingredient into your skincare regimen, you don't need to worry about the risks. It is an excellent antioxidant with skin-brightening properties to tackle dull and pigmented skin. Furthermore, it also helps in fighting against free radicals to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

Here are 3 facts about Fulvic Acid - the next hot beauty ingredient:

1. Rich in minerals & nutrients

Fulvic Acid - a naturally occurring chemical generated from plants, is a remarkable substance loaded with minerals and nutrients essential for your skin. It is terrific for your skin because it contains all of the protective components from the original plant matter in a refined and highly concentrated form. Another good news is that it doesn't upset your skin's natural balance.

2. Free-radical scavenger!

Free radicals are the primary reason for dullness and aging. Fulvic acid has many potentials as a hydrating anti-aging treatment that penetrates deep into your skin to eliminate free radicals. It is a must-add product to your skincare arsenal as it is rich in antioxidants and helps repair damage. Furthermore, it offers you luminous radiance & glow.

3. Offers UV protection

As mentioned earlier, fulvic acid is an antioxidant that protects your skin against harmful UV rays, smoke, dust, and pollution. In addition, it also offers anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, reducing surface skin oil which may cause breakouts.

Fulvic acid has already gained cult status in the world of beauty. So if you are looking for radiance-inducing products, you must get your hands on products containing fulvic acid, starting with Muggu Fulvic Acid Cleanser.

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Hero Ingredients

Our gentle cleanser has 0.5% Nordic Beauty Peat, naturally rich in fulvic acid. It improves exfoliation while cleansing the skin and removing makeup, especially eye makeup, to reveal a more radiant, healthy-looking complexion. In addition, it calms and soothes the skin while encouraging an even skin tone.

1. 1.5% Kakadu Plum 

Highest source of vitamin C, holding 50-100 times more than an orange - adds instant radiance while brightening your complexion.

2. 0.5% Nordic Beauty Peat

Gently exfoliates your skin while fighting free radicals.

How to use it?

This soothing cleanser brightens your skin without drying it out and eliminates any makeup. It can be used in your AM/PM care routine and around the eyes to remove eye makeup. Dampen your face. Apply a small amount of cleanser to your skin. Massage gently in upward circular motions. Rinse and pat dry.

Use it with hydrating toner, hyaluronic acid serum, and moisturizer.


Now that you understand the benefits of using FULVIC ACID for your skin get yourself products containing this great ingredient. Happy skincare! 🙂

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